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MISCADA Industry Talk Series

The MISCADA Industry Talk Series hosts a couple of talks by industry partners. Partners typically introduce their company; and present research and development challenges they currently face; or present successful research projects (in collaboration with MISCADA); and pitch some project ideas for a dissertation over the summer, which then are co-supervised with a Durham academic.

The event is hosted as MISCADA Industry Talk under the umbrella of the seminar series of Durham’s Institute for Data Science.

IDAS Seminars

The seminars take place over zoom

Past talks:

  • 15 January 2021: Patrick Stowell (Geoptic Infrastructure
    Investigations Ltd): Cosmic Ray Imaging of Large Critical Infrastructure
  • 22 January 2021: Alvaro Orsi (PlantTech): Opportunities in Data-driven Horticulture
  • Friday 28.01.2021, 16:00-17:00, Bram Reps (Sentiance), “Making smartphones smarter for a human-centric economy”. Abstract: Understanding context is the key to optimizing user experience. At Sentiance we use AI technologies to turn low-level mobile sensor data into behavioral insights. We believe in a world where actionable insights about an individual’s behavior and real-time context create positive impact on mobility, well-being, sustainable and human-centric economy. Positive behavior change by contextualized engagement. Companies can offer hyper-personalized solutions to improve people’s lives. Cornerstones are trust, fairness and ethical AI.
  • 12 February 2021: Florian Rupp (Kutaisi International University & Center of Conflict Resolution, Munich): Thinking in Models
  • 5 March 2021: Matthew Jones (Shell Projects & Technology): Data Science in Shell [originally scheduled for February]