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Opportunities and jobs

Faculty positions

We have no current listing, but if interested please get in touch.

PhD positions

Open projects:

  • There is an available project on efficient and user-friendly uncertainty quantification (UQ) solvers. The project is mainly concerned with applying UQ methods to complex, large scale numerical models. On the numerical solver side this involves hyperbolic PDE solvers and on the UQ side bayesian inverse problems solved using MLMC methods. You would be working on the open-source project UM-Bridge, which tries to simplify the process of coupling UQ software and simulation software by using containers and introducing a new standardized network interface.
    If interested please contact: [email protected]

Any other PhD application is through via a central Durham admissions procedure. Your application will be strongest if you develop it in collaboration with members of the group, so please get in touch to discuss possible positions and ideas.

Student projects

Members of the group offer projects on both the Durham undergraduate degree and in the MISCADA MSc programme.