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Professional Development for RSEs, PDRAs and PhDs

Professional Development in Scientific Computing

Research Software Engineers, PostDocs and PhD students have to learn new computer science techniques and skills all the time to stay ahead of the pack. Many of the these skills and techniques are absent from mainstream curricula – notably in related disciplines, even though many colleagues who work in scientific computing now have a first degree in a science subject outside of computer science.

We therefore run a series of workshops every year to train the next generation of RSEs, PostDocs, PhDs and future collaborators. These workshops are organised in collaboration with experts from the field and provide a professional development route for people who have entered the field or want to engage in continuous professional development. They are meant to complement existing training in supercomputing centres and to provide the link from classic education in academia to existing workshops. They provide the baseline and upskilling required to acquire new technology skills.

Academic Year 2023/24

Academic Year 2022/23