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Industrial collaborations

Intel oneAPI centre of excellence

The group hosts the UK’s first Intel oneAPI academic centre of excellence. The centre will explore the oneAPI programming model for heterogeneous architectures in the ExaHYPE system, and develop and deliver tutorials and workshops in the usage of oneAPI for students and researchers at Durham and across the UK.

The RSC group

Durham University has, championed by Durham’s Department of Computer Science, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with The RSC Group, the leading Russian developer and integrator of HPC solutions. Colleagues from Computer Science have previously collaborated with RSC to benchmark hardware and to publish papers around these benchmarks. The MoU will allow us to continue and intensify the collaborations. The RSC Group will also support ongoing efforts to integrate training and upskilling around the newest hardware on the supercomputing market into the CS curriculum. Of particular interest on the educational as well as the research side is investigations into low energy supercomputer installations and data centres as a whole, as well as the dissemination of joint ideas and insights at international flagship conferences, in papers, and on supercompting events.