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Joint SIAM-IMA Student Chapter

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is a US-based academic body dedicated to the use applied mathematics, and computational and data science in industry. Its main activities include the organisation of conferences and the publication of books and journals, but the society is also keen on sponsoring a SIAM chapter.

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) is the UK’s chartered professional body for mathematicians and is one of the UK’s learned societies. IMA supports postgraduate students by sponsoring joint SIAM-IMA chapter.

These chapters are student-led societies aimed at promoting mathematics and computational science among university students. Their goal is to organise chapter activities, such as

  • lunch discussions about career opportunities
  • lectures by guest speakers
  • undergraduate competitions and social functions
  • field trips to industrial laboratories or SIAM section meetings

Kick-off meeting

SIAM and IMA have approved our application to start one such joint chapter at Durham University, and we are now in the process of setting it up. If your research interests or career goals fall within the remit of SIAM or IMA, or you are wondering what SIAM, IMA, and the chapter can do for you, we encourage you to join us for an informal chat:

   Place: Visualisation lab (MCS1022)
   Date:  Wed 02/11/2022
   Time:  17:15

If you plan to attend this session, we’d be grateful if you could fill in the form below, so that we can order catering for the right number of people:

If you are interested in joining the chapter but are unable to attend this session, you can register using the form below.


To join just fill out this brief form:

Student chapter members qualify for a free SIAM membership. You can sign up here.

Faculty Advisors

Max Fasi
Anne Reinarz