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ClusDur — Durham University’s SCC Team

ClusDur Durham University’s Student Cluster Competition Team

We are ClusDur – a team of enthusiastic Durham University students who explore the realms of HPC and scientific computing together! We jointly train our practical computer science skills to take part in national and international Student Cluster Competitions (SCCs).


Intel supports the team with interactive teaching materials, compute time on the Intel DevCloud as well as hard copies of the latest literature on Intel’s parallel programming technologies DPC++ and oneTBB. Thanks to Intel’s Student Ambassador Program, the team is provided with a two day workshop on Intel’s oneAPI.


If you’re interested in becoming a member of the SCC team get in touch with an email to Laura Morgenstern, briefly stating:

  • Your name
  • Field and year of study
  • Related experience (if any) through courses at university, hackathons, private projects, etc.
  • Availability (in-person, remote only, hybrid)

Academic Advisors

Laura Morgenstern
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
[email protected]

Prof Dr Tobias Weinzierl
Professor of Computer Science
[email protected]